Suffragette City 100

Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment!

01. Remember the Ladies
02. Did You Know?
03. Equality Starts With Education
04. Doing the Right Thing, Even When It Costs You
05. The World Anti-Slavery Convention
06. Women Organize and Unite
07.  Another Tea Party That Started a Revolution
08. Seneca Falls
09. The “Discourse on Women” Speech
10.  The Underground Railroad
11. Bloomer Boom
12. Women's Rights Goes National
13. The Truth About Sojourner Truth
14.  Better Off Single?
15. Find Your Tribe
16. The Power of the Press
17. The Civil War
18. United Front
19. Divisions Among Women
20. Principle, Not Policy; Justice, Not Favors.
21. Different Approaches
22. Civil Disobedience
23. First of Many
24. All The Way To The Supreme Court
25. Granted, Revoked, Then Granted Again
26. When Heroes Are Human
27. Women’s Anti-Suffrage Groups
28. Nevertheless, She Persisted
29. Independent Ladies
30. The Woman Who Dared
31. The Temperance Movement
32. Writing Herstory (But Not the Whole Story)
33. The Susan B. Anthony Amendment
34. Fasten Your Seatbelts
35. The Lockwood/Stow Presidential Run
36. The Remarkable Suffragist Jane Addams & Hull House
37. History Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum
38. United and Focused But Not Always Equal
39. The Fierce Ida B. Wells
40. Solitude of Self
41. Colorado Gets the Vote
42. Our Suffrage Sisters Abroad
43. Jewish Women Unite for Women’s Rights
44. The Woman’s Bible
45. The National Association of Colored Women
46. Idaho Gets the Vote
47. More Women-Led Anti-Suffrage Groups
48. Resolution for Equality
49. Women’s Trade Union League
50. Rest in Peace Sister Susan
51. Woman Suffrage Party
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