The grand finale of SuffragetteCity100’s “History of American Suffrage Timeline” will be on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at the finish line of the New York Marathon!
The fight for the 19th Amendment was indeed a marathon. As an epic ending to the timeline, SuffragetteCity100’s co-founder, Cynthia Barbedette will be a participant in the 50th Anniversary of the New York Marathon. Cynthia will recap the suffrage timeline into the top 26 points, posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) at every mile marker. SuffragetteCity100’s final celebratory post for the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment will be after she crosses the finish line in Central Park.
Cynthia is neither an athlete nor an avid runner--in fact, she stinks at running! This being said, marathons are about fighting the good fight, showing up, and keeping up until you cross that finish line! No matter where you are, you too can be part of the race by tracking her through the NY Marathon app as she runs/walks/jogs/crawls towards the finish line in honor of those who fought for suffrage. If you are in New York please come to the race and cheer her on in person! Cynthia will be jamming to the SuffragetteCity100 YouTube playlist as the official soundtrack music and fans are encouraged to do the same.
In order to qualify for a spot in the race, Cynthia has committed to fundraising with “Team for Kids”, a well-respected and non-partisan organization owned by the creators of the marathon, the New York Road Runners. Cynthia will be raising a minimum of $2,620 for their cause! 
All contributing donors between now and May 9th will be entered into a drawing to win a limited edition designer purse. Modeled after Susan B. Anthony's own alligator purse, exclusive designer Abigail Riggs created a limited edition purse for the Susan B. Anthony Museum in Rochester, NY. The entire purchase price of this prize went to the museum. SuffragetteCity100 is honoring the First Continental Congress (1774) by offering number 1,774 of 2,000. Purse comes with its own Abigail Riggs dust cover and custom storage box.
Your donation will help provide critical funds for Rising New York Road Runners – New York Road Runners’ free youth program and events platform – designed to help kids of all ages and abilities to build confidence, gain motivation, and develop healthy attitudes toward physical activity that last for life! 
The winner’s first name will be announced on Sunday, May 10, 2020 (Mother’s Day) on our social media platforms and will be contacted privately for further details.
Best of luck to all of you participating and may the VOTE be with you.
Enter now for your chance to win!
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